A little bit about Pro Staffing

IMG_1277.JPGBefore I became Pro Staff (promotional staff) for any company, I was an outdoors woman: fisher, hunter, shooter and consumer. I wanted products that I believed in, that worked excellent, and I could afford. I grew up fishing, camping, shooting and hunting. I saw my uncles’ shop the back room of Cabela’s, small tackle shops, Wal-Mart, and many smaller mom and pop stores. We had great equipment. Was it the top of the line all the time? NOPE, but did it need to be? Nope. When I started to buy my own tackle, guns, rods, reels and ammo, I asked my Grandpa and uncles for advice. Did I always take it? No! If you know me I am kind of stubborn. I took advice from some awesome people who fished for a living. Yeah, okay, I did buy a lot of what Bill Dance, Roland Martin and Jimmy Houston used. Heck I wanted to be as great as them.

Along came social media. I started following people who were local in 2006. Figuring out what they used and started trying it. I believe you can always learn something new from your peers. Figured things out what worked for me and not. You will not be a fan of every lure, soft or hard bait I use. But when I put my name alongside something it’s because it works for me and friends, it’s affordable and the company stands behind their name.

I will promote companies that I do Pro Staff for and ones I don’t. If a product works for me. I will tell you about it until I am blue in the face and heck if I have another one I will 99% give it to you. I do give handouts on my social media pages because I want to see other anglers have the same great products.

My kayak is not the top of the line by any means I would love a nicer one TRUST ME, but my kayak fits my needs and I love it. I love the affordability, how well it stands up to my large rear-end. (Sorry not sorry I am not 5ft 2 and 100lbs) It fits my need at this time.

My fishing rod, well I am trying out a new rod this year. A lot of my friends kept tweeting me, Facebooking, me even texting me to try Dunamis rods. They have a life time guarantee and they stand behind it. But what made me stand behind them is there owner Josh, he reached out to me answered questions I had. He cares about his business.

But then when you’re in the outdoors you need to be safe. The safety I am talking about is SUN safety. 3.5 million Cases of Basel and squamous cell skin cancers are diagnosed in the U.S. each year and 76,000 cases of melanoma. SO skin coverage and eye coverage are important to me. This is why I trust and love Skoll Gear and BlobFish sunglasses.

A little bit about BlobFish. Their shades are polarized and UV400. Their company supports Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. (https://www.projecthealingwaters.org) and also part of the Pledge 1%. They are a company about giving. With shades everyone can afford.

Skoll Gear is a company based out of Canada. They offer warm weather and cold weather gear. They offer a UPF camo high performance shirts in 3 colors. That helps you keep protected from harmful rays of the sun and moisture wicking that keeps you comfortable. This winter if you follow me on Twitter or IG you will see me in their Cherry Red hoodie support our troops.

These are just a few companies I believe in. In past blogs I have talked about others. But if you see me supporting a company and want to know why just ask. I am ready for the spring fishing season to start here in Nebraska and can’t wait to see your photos also.
Tight lines,



(Photo 1st trip out fishing this past weekend. Crutches and cold didn’t help)

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