Branched Oak Kids’ White Perch Tournament

I want to thank Randy for letting me help him this year! Here is what my heart and soul is working on right now! We are looking for donations of fishing and out door items please get ahold of me if you would like to donate!  Also thank you to James writing this up!

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The Branched Oak Kids’ White Perch Tournament (BOKWPT) is a free event held the last Saturday of June each year. We are coming up on our 6th annual event in 2017. We have been growing and learning each year, which has helped us become one of largest kids fishing events in the Midwest. The planning and preparations are a year long effort. 90% of the work, that goes into preparing for the main event, has been and continues to be done by one person…Randy Tambke. Randy does have some help, but he is an ambitious person who is passionate about his tournament. Despite the advice of his friends and family, his determination to succeed drives him to take on most of the burden of planning and organizing.

The BOKWPT had approximately 500 people with 40 volunteers in 2016. We had nearly 50 businesses support us, and who were each recognized on the day of the Tournament and through social media. We were able to get each child and family member fishing the entire morning without a glitch. We served nearly 600 lunches of bbq pulled pork sandwiches with traditional sides. We also cleaned and fried all the white perch that were caught that morning, and served the fish along with the pulled pork sandwiches. We were able to give out some amazing prizes to the winners of the tournament. We were able to provide most kids with some type of door prize.

We have a strong desire to be bigger and better each year. Unfortunately, bigger and better means more expenses. This year, more than ever, we need the support of any business and individual who is able and willing to offer it. We have a strong desire to make sure each and every kid goes home from our event with some type of prize. We make a great effort to ensure each business is recognized on social media and at the tournament. As a token of our appreciation, we encourage each attendee to purchase the goods and/or services our sponsors have to offer. We want our supporters to know that we are sincerely grateful for any amount of support they can give us. We humbly ask that you please consider giving a donation to the Kids White Perch Tournament! Even the smallest donation can make a child’s day, and that is ultimately our goal!
A little background story…
The Branched Oak Kids White Perch Tournament was created by Randy Tambke in 2012. Randy has been a long time tournament angler and organizer. One fine day in 2012, leaving a fishing tournament, Randy reflected on his love for the sport of fishing, and how much he would like to pass that love on to younger generations. He knew from his experience of organizing tournaments that he could host several kids in a fishing tournament of their very own. Randy quickly went to social media to run the idea past other anglers. That idea got a strong show of support from the fishing community. The support pushed Randy from his basic idea to a full fledged event, AND MISSION, virtually overnight. His new mission was to get kids out fishing and to raise awareness of invasive species in Nebraska waters…the white perch!!

Randy, knowing he had the support of the outdoor community, began planning a location, date, and format for the kids’ event. Not yet fully realizing what he had done, Randy scheduled the tournament 6 weeks after the idea was born. He quickly learned that this was going to be a big deal, a lot of work, but not a lot of time to get it done!! Luckily, Randy does his best under pressure.
Randy, being Randy, got going right away. He jumped in with both feet, and was ready to tackle (no pun intended) anything that got in his way of making this tournament a success! He single handedly hit the pavement looking for prize donations to offer the kids that fished at his event. His goal then, and still today, was to make sure every kid went home with something. In addition to all these prizes, Randy made the decision to serve lunch to everyone that showed up that day. It was meant as an additional show of appreciation for fishing and volunteering at the kids’ tournament. Randy was expecting at most 50 kids and their families to show up for the main event. He was pleasantly surprised when nearly 150 kids arrived to fish that first year! Randy maintained focus despite the overwhelming attendance. That day turned out to be successful with only a couple minor glitches.

During Randy’s planning stage, The Nebraska Fish and Game Association (NEFGA) took notice of his determination. NEFGA attended the first event to see how successful it was, and to offer any assistance they could. The Board of Directors at NEFGA were immediately impressed with Randy’s event. They knew right away that this was something they wanted to support. On that first tournament day, Randy and the NEFGA formed a strong relationship that has been successful for 5 years and is still growing today. Randy’s partnership with NEFGA has helped the kids’ tournament to grow each year, but it’s Randy’s motivation and vision that has made it a huge success.
Moving forward 5 years…The Branched Oak Kids’ White Perch Tournament is one of the largest and most talked about kids’ fishing events in the Midwest.
The story continues on in 2017!
Check out our Facebook page to see our sponsors and photos of past events.

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