Ice Fishing Woes


I am kind of sad this year. (Okay who is joking I am choking back tears!) I will not be able to ice fish this year! I have to have my labrum tare fixed in my right hip. Its 4-8 weeks on crutches, then almost 1 year full recovery! I see lots of bank fishing in store for me. I will not be able to lift my kayak in and out.

So now I am working on a list of everything I NEED for ice fishing. Well that’s almost everything! I am buying myself a new pair of waterproof overalls. I have my grandpa’s ice fishing pole. To be honest I enjoy using his gear. It’s like he his fishing with me still. But looking at different ice shacks and other gear. I have a hand crank ice cutter that was also grandpas. For the most part I am starting new! So what is your favorite gear?

I hope all my great angler friends will send me tons of photos!

Tight Lines


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