Ho Ho Ho to Bass Pro Santa


Since 2013 we have been going to the Bass Pro Council Bluffs, Iowa Santa. Here are some tips for you to go see Santa at any Bass Pro.
1. Go early. They hand out about 25 passes pre 30 minutes Santa is there. It gives your child time to tell Santa what they want and take a quality photo.
2. Dress nice. I am serious this is a great, experience you want to have last for a life time. Jeans and a nice shirt isn’t hard.
3. If you have a special needs child like I do, bring sound muffling head phones. It’s loud: they have games, trains and lots of kids. I always bring his head phones, tablet and a blanket for the cart.
4. This brings the next suggestion: GRAB A CART. It can save your place in line, but also keeps your kids from running around if it is just one adult.
5. They have great cookies for sale. Grab one before you get in line, it helps keep kids happy.

We have always had great experiences there. YES its busy, but what Santa isn’t busy its Christmas time. Don’t stress your kids out while you are there enjoying it. Here are the last 4 years of photos our family took.

Have a Happy Holiday season and tight lines,

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