Giving some cheer.

This isn’t about fishing nor hunting, but about giving. A couple years ago I ran across this app called Vine. I have made several life time friends from vine. One guy stuck out to me his name is Ron Coleman or as most call him Panda. Ron has worn many capes in his life, starting as a boy scout, to the US Air Force, and now a Ghostbuster. In my eyes this last cape has made the most difference in lives of Children across the KC metro.

Ron and a group of super hero’s dress up and visit kids at Children’s Mercy hospital. My family has spent more time their then I would ever like to talk about. Having a super hero come see you is the best feeling ever while are sick in the hospital.

The past couple of years Ron and his group of hero’s have collected new toys and helped families out at the holiday time. Well this year has come around and donations are down. So I am reaching out to the fishing community to help donate to this great cause.
You can find Ron on Facebook at

Tight Lines,

(Ron and my daughter Alice also Ron and I)

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