I love to take photos while I am fishing. I flooded Instagram with tons of fishing and camping photos this summer. But there was a huge problem. I couldn’t keep track of where, when and what size of fish!

The 3 W’s are important to me! Keeping track of where that master angler was caught is important. You always want to know where the best spot on the river or lake was. I want to be able to say “Hey, I got that nice catfish on June 10, 2016. It was 10lbs 6oz caught on cut bait.” I couldn’t get all that on IG.

Another issue with IG; it was hard to find other anglers! That’s all Drophook is! I have met wonderful anglers from all over the world. I have learned about different rods, baits and kayaks from great people!

I love the tackle box part of the app. You can add your bait, lures, rods, line, even the type of knot!

DrophookApp is available on Apple and Android.

Twotall4u is my user name!

Tight lines,

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